Bay News June 2013 - Volume 35, Issue 6

June 8 Sale Is Here!

The June 8 Plant Display and Sale is finally here. The sales room will be available starting at 8am on Saturday, June 8. Bring your plants early so we can get ready for the public. This is the first time we will be accepting credit cards at the sale. The sale will take place from 10am until 3pm. We will need to clean up after the sale. We have the room until 4pm. We can expect a lot of traffic, with several plant societies having sales in the building on the same day. For more information, visit

We are also looking for boxes that the customers can use to carry the plants home. If you have boxes of that kind or know of a good source for them, please bring them or let us know.

Next Meeting: June 16, 2013

Topic: Gesneriad Quiz Show
Have fun and increase your gesneriad-related knowledge!  Prizes will be awarded!

May Show and Tell

Columnea orientandina     Episcia 'Checkerboard' x 'Toy Silver' (unnamed Vincent Parsons hybrid)
Columnea orientandina,                     Episcia 'Checkerboard' x 'Toy Silver',


Plants for the raffle at the April 21, 2013 meeting included Achimenes 'Dot', Columnea 'Chanticleer', Columnea 'Whistling Hills', Drymonia chiribogana, Drymonia cuyabonensis, Episcia 'Jim's Canadian Sunset', Kohleria 'Astarte', Kohleria 'Tane', Marigold 'Harlequin', Nematanthus 'Champagne Jam', Nematanthus 'Rio', Nematanthus 'Saturn', Nematanthus 'Tropicana', Nematanthus wettsteinii, Primulina 'Piccolo', Sinningia 'Carnaval', Sinningia bullata, Sinningia schiffneri, Sinningia speciosa hybrid, Streptocarpus 'Roulette Azure', Streptocarpus (wine red), Tillandsia sp.

Plants for the raffle at the May 19, 2013 meeting included Columnea 'Red Skelton', Columnea columbiana, Drymonia chiribogana, Dyckia sp., Episcia 'Jim's Canadian Sunset', Eucodonia 'Adele', Impatiens omeiana, Kohleria (red flowers – Jon's hybrid), Mamillaria zeilmanniana, Marigold 'Harlequin', Seemannia 'Purple Prince' x self, Sinningia (or Paliavana) sp. 'São Fidelis”, Smithiantha 'An's Rich Girl', Streptocarpus (magenta), xGloximannia 'She's Dancing', xSmithicodonia 'Heartland's Joy'.

Minutes of May 19, 2013 Meeting

Vice-President Terri Campbell called the meeting to order at 1:18pm. Also present were Paulo Castello da Costa, Kevin Daly, Jon Dixon, Sharifa Jan-Silva, Alan LaVergne, Nataliya Tovchigrechko, Hung Nguyen, Gene Sussli, David Waugh, and Larry Williams.
  • The minutes of the April 21, 2013 meeting were approved as written.
  • Treasurer's report: There are $184.29 in the checking account. There were also undeposited cash and checks in the amount of $375.75, corresponding to dues and accumulated raffles and supply sales since last November. These are being deposited into the checking account, bringing the total to $559.84. The maintenance fee for the checking account has also been raised. There is a fee of $16 a month unless we make expenses of $250 using the debit card or keep a minimum balance of $3000 in that month. The Treasurer recommends that we withdraw the balance from our CD and deposit it also in the checking account. The next maturity date for the CD is June 28. Penalty is six months’ worth of interest if we withdraw before the maturity date. The interest rate is 0.1%, or 30 cents a month. Cashing in the CD now would cost $1.82.
    • Paulo Castello da Costa moved to cash in the CD immediately and deposit the proceeds in the checking account. The motion passed.
  • Tommy Liu and TehShan Lee arrived at 1:30pm.
  • Secretary's report: All permit fees are paid and a certificate of insurance has been obtained for the June sale. 233 flyers have also been mailed out. An invoice was sent to the San Francisco African Violet Society for their share of $206.05 for rent and postage. We now have enough funds in the checking account to reimburse the remaining expenses for the September 8, 2012 show. We will also send a contribution of $25 to the Awards Fund for the Gesneriad Society Convention. The deadline for that contribution is June 18.
  • Show Chair's report: The sales room will be open at 8am on Saturday, June 8. The hours for the sale are 10am until 3pm. We will need to clean up afterwards until 4pm. David Waugh and Sharifa JanSilva volunteered to set up on Friday, June 7 (to be confirmed).
    • The schedule for the September 21, 2013 show is ready to send to the Gesneriad Society's Show Chair for approval. The schedule is almost identical to last year's schedule. Changes are (1) Saintpaulia species are eligible for Best In Show and (2) there is an additional award for Best Photograph. The reason for the second change is that it makes all our awards “Section Awards”, except for BIS and BIS runner-up.
  • New business: Alan LaVergne is presenting a program to the Begonia Society of Sacramento on Tuesday, June 18 at 7:30pm. Paulo Castello da Costa and Hung Nguyen are going as well. Get in touch with Alan if you would like to come along and talk about gesneriads that Alan does not grow.
  • Seminar: Alan has been contacted by Lynn Lombard, who is organizing a seminar to take place in Vacaville on a Saturday in late October (not October 26) or early November. Delta Gesneriad Society members (and perhaps members from other societies) want to know more about growing and judging both horticulture and design according to Gesneriad Society rules. They are especially interested in gesneriads other than the ones the Delta Gesneriad Society usually has in their shows, which are mainly Streptocarpus, Episcia, Petrocosmea and Saintpaulia. Please contact Alan LaVergne if you would be willing to participate.
  • Show Judges: We have four judges confirmed for the September 21, 2013 show, and two more are considering it. We intend to have more than one team of judges. Alan LaVergne is Chair of Shows and Judges. Alan will consider the honorarium to be paid to judges and submit it for approval at a future meeting.
  • Then we did Show and Tell.
  • The meeting recessed at 2:50pm, reconvened at 3:05pm.
  • We were joined by a new member: welcome Nataliya Tovchigrechko!
  • Terri Campbell presented the program “Episcia, Alsobia, Drymonia, Nautilocalyx, Columnea: Five Rhizomatous-rooted Gesneriads: Why you should grow them and how to grow them”.
  • Then we did the raffle.
  • The meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.

2013 Officers
President Tommy Liu
Vice-President Terri Campbell 
Secretary Paulo Castello da Costa 
Treasurer Gene Sussli
Board of Directors term ending 2013 David Waugh, Jon Dixon
Board of Directors term ending 2014 Hung X. Nguyen, Sharifa Jan-Silva
Webmaster, Newsletter Editor, Publicity Chair: TehShan Lee (tehshan AT
Brazilplants Support Club San Francisco contact: Terri Campbell

2013 Meetings: Usually third Sunday of each month, 1-4 p.m. 
at County Fair Building., Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. (Enter from parking lot North side of 10th Avenue and Lincoln Blvd., turn right through gate next to building, go to third door)
January 20, February 17, March 24, April 21, May 19, June 16, July 21, August 18, September 15, October 20, Nov 17.
2013 Events: June Sale: Saturday June 8, 2013
Show and Sale: Saturday, September 21, 2013
Dues: $10 single, $11 family. Make checks payable to SFGS, mail to Treasurer.